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Random thoughts on the anti-corruption campaign

By the way, what is the outcome of the EFCC investigation into the fuel subsidy scam? Were we not led to believe that those implicated in the scam (mostly sons/daughters of PDP chieftains) would soon face the music? Forgive me for asking if the music has stopped playing or the dancers have been granted permission to disperse. Corruption cases to have a habit of getting cold in Nigeria. They get cold because the public is either easily distracted or too forgetful. I have no doubt in my mind … [Read more...]

Getting government back on track: focus on agency governance

How can a government be sure that the goods and services produced by the career public service are the same as those promised the electorate? The honest answer is it can’t. Were all the beans to be counted and duly accounted for, the government would still not be able to say with confidence that the bureaucratic agents’ delivery matches the people’s or their elected representatives’ expectations. If statutory mandates are not ‘rewritten’ along the way by the prevailing rules regime and sundry … [Read more...]

Reconstructing Nigeria: Putting the Citizen First

In a previous article, I argued that the time spent wondering how to rebrand or restructure Nigeria ought to be devoted to transforming the state from the lord and master that it currently is to the service provider that the citizen expects it to be. This is a major paradigm shift. It is an enormous task that calls not only for a new mindset but also and more especially for the active involvement of all the stakeholders. However, the fact that the task is beyond the capacity of an individual … [Read more...]

Reconstructing the post-2015 Nigeria: the Priorities

My esteemed readers deserve an explanation for my long silence. It isn't as if my pen ran short of ink, or that there aren't topics worth writing about. I had to take a 'sabbatical' to meet an urgent publishing deadline, and at the same time, participate in online debate on the 2015 elections. With the publishing project out of the way, I can now focus on issues of national concern. At least two 'medicines' have, at one time or the other, been prescribed as cures for our country's maladies. … [Read more...]